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A line of luxurious and wearable textiles
infused with Tourmaline Crystal
Each garment is infused with hundreds of thousands of particles of Tourmaline crystal. These feel incredible to wear!  

Tourmaline absorbs body heat, converts it into far infrared energy, and then re-radiates that energy back into the body. It also generates negative ions, creating a therapeutic energy field. 

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Black Tourmaline is grounding, protective, calming, and purifying. Tourmaline is an excellent stone to use in meditation. 

How is crystal infused into fabric?

Tourmaline crystal is pulverized into nano-meter sized particles. Those particles are then permanently infused into the fabric of each piece, and will not wash out with laundering.

Tourmaline crystals are both pyroelectric and piezoelectric. This means that when heat, force, compression, or vibration is applied to the crystal, the tourmaline particles convert those forces into far infrared energy. The crystal also generates negative ions.

As you wear these pieces, the crystal converts your body heat into far infrared energy!


Read about the benefits of far infrared energy and negative ions below...

The Collection

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Health benefits of Far Infrared Energy and Negative Ions include:

•  Reduced Pain and Inflammation

•  Increased blood oxygen levels and blood flow

•  Accelerated cell repair and healing

•  A more alkaline environment

•  Increased levels of serotonin and alpha brain waves, which can result in  calm, more restful sleep.

• Negative ions are considered anti-aging by many experts.


I just want to let you know how much we love your TourmaLine. We have the Waffle Blanket and Turkish Towel and sleep with them every night. So calming. We also have the tourma tape. It gives us both great relief! Love it so much that I gifted my family the hoodies and blankets <3

- Anne Clark

Milford, PA

Surround yourself with the healing energies of tourmaline crystal

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Please email for inquiries

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