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Wolfe Lane presents a line of
luxurious and wearable textiles infused with tourmaline crystal

Each garment is infused with hundreds of thousands of nano-meter sized particles of  Tourmaline crystal. The crystal is permanently bonded to the fabric; it will not wash out.  These feel incredible to wear!  Read on to discover the benefits...

Tourmaline absorbs body heat, converts it into far infrared energy, and then re-radiates that energy back into the body. It also generates negative ions, creating a therapeutic energy field. 

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Tourmaline affects the heart chakra, generating a powerful field of love and compassion that can heal on all levels

Health benefits of far infrared energy and negative ions include:

• increased blood oxygen levels and blood flow

• accelerated cell repair and healing

• reduced inflammation

• a more alkaline environment

• increased levels of serotonin and alpha brain waves, which can result in  calm, more restful sleep.

• Negative ions are considered anti-aging by many experts.

Surround yourself with the healing energies of tourmaline crystal

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