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Drummer's Hands



"I’m a healthcare worker who uses a lot of Motrin and Tylenol. About 2 months ago I suffered a pretty serious injury. We believe my elbow, shoulder and wrist where dislocated while I was assaulted in the ambulance, that has had me out of work for a while. Since I started using Drummer’s hands I’ve cut down on the oral meds. I was only using it at night at first, I’m sleeping longer than 15 minutes now!! I just started using it during the day. I’m loving it. Thank you!" 


Beaver, PA

"I'm so thankful and excited that Drummer's Hands is so effective. After my weekly drum circle I came home with a bruised and swollen left hand. I slathered Drummer's Hands on and thought to myself "I'll see how this feels in the morning"....TWENTY MINUTES LATER I was pleasantly shocked by the fact that the pain in my hand was gone and the swelling had reduced. Drummer's Hands WORKS. Since that night, I've been applying Drummer's Hands on any and all of aches. I feel like I've found my miracle medicine! Thank you!"


East Hampton, NY

"I recently had a tooth extraction and my jaw was so sore, I wanted to yawn and couldn't. A short while after massaging Drummer's Hands on my jaw, yawning was no problem! What a relief.  I love how it smells, too!"


Milford, PA

"I've used it on bee stings and it takes the pain and swelling away quickly.. I also applied it to my swollen ankle, and the swelling went down within an hour!  This stuff is amazing."


Milford, PA

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