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Tourmaline Infused Embroidered Wool Scarf

Tourmaline Infused Embroidered Wool Scarf

$45.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price

Hand-embroidered wool scarf in deep hues of midnight blues and purples.


Elegant and soft 100% lightweight wool.


Made in India


These wool scarves are infused with nanometer sized particles of Tourmaline Crystal. The crystal is permanently bonded to the fabric and will not wash out.


Tourmaline absorbs body heat, converts it into far infrared energy, and then re-radiates that energy back into the body.  It also generates negative ions and a therapeutic energy field. 


Health benefits of far infrared energy and negative ions include:

• increased blood oxygen levels and blood flow

• accelerated cell repair and healing

• reduced inflammation

• a more alkaline environment

• increased levels of serotonin and alpha brain waves, which can result in  calm, more restful sleep.

• Negative ions are considered anti-aging by many experts


Surround yourself with the healing energies of Tourmaline Crystal

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