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Jewelweed Salve for Poison Ivy

Jewelweed Salve for Poison Ivy


Remember silver leaf as a kid, down by the river? Put a leaf underwater and it turns all shimmery and silver.


Also known as Jewelweed, this magical plant is the antidote to poison ivy.  Usually found growing next to poison ivy, Jewelweed literally stops the itch, prevents the rash from spreading, and helps it to heal much faster. Seriously - apply this once or twice per day and you'll have ZERO itching.


Directions: Use at the first sign of poison ivy, oak, or sumac.  Wash area with castile soap (ideally) first, to eliminate as much of the poison ivy/oak/sumac oil as possible.  Apply Jewelweed Salve as often as desired until resolved.  


Ingredients: Safflower Oil* infused with Jewelweed* & Plantain*, Beeswax*, Peppermint* and Lavender* Essential Oils, and Vitamin E.


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